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Have you ever wondered what the heck is in your skincare? Have you wondered how companies can call themselves, and their products, “natural,” when those products contain parabens, harmful chemicals, and artificial fragrances? And have you wondered how anyone can condone animal testing these days?

So have we.

As concerned consumers, we all want what touches our bodies to be free from harmful ingredients, and to offer healthful, soothing and nurturing benefits. It has been a long struggle for the consumer to have the information at hand to make these informed choices.

We listened and learned.

Born in Austin, TX, in 2003, Dancing Dingo Skincare offers products with ingredients you and your family can feel safe using. We believe that naturally good-for-your-body products make for naturally happy, healthy people! So here is what we offer to you:

  • Leaping Bunny and PETA approved
  • Highly rated in the Skin Deep Database for Cosmetic Safety
  • A CHAMPION company listed with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics (More than 1,500 companies signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics from its inception in 2004 until 2011. We were one of the 322 cosmetics companies (“Champions”) who met the goals for Safe Cosmetics)
  • Voted a Texas' Top 30 Eco-Friendly Company*
  • Winner of the Austin Award - Health and Beauty 2022

We offer a wide range of natural and earth-friendly products for every member of the family. Our products are vegan as well as gluten-free.

If you are ready to have happy, healthy skin, give us a try. We feel sure that once you try Dancing Dingo we will become your skin's best friend!

* ENVY Magazine

Articles authored by Kathy Cumberland, our Founder. More coming soon!


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