Skincare Studies with Elasti New® - Benefits to Skin

Skincare Studies with Elasti New®  - Benefits to Skincare

Elasti New® is a specialized peptide derived from Curcubito pepo/Pumpkin Seedcake. 

Like all peptides, Elasti New® has a positive effect on damaged skin, specifically resulting from a degradation of collagen and elastin fibers. Elasti New® acts to protect and preserve the elastic capital of the skin to prevent slackening, the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles. Elasti New® combats these issues through the stimulation of collagen and elasticity, restoring skin to its original smooth state.

The addition of Elasti New® peptides has a dramatic effect on the products effectiveness.  Peptides are powerful active ingredients that have a specific effect on living tissues, making the difference between a product that works, and one that doesn't.

Wrinkle Reduction
Scar Tissue Reduction / Elimination
Prevention / Elimination of Stretch Marks
Restores Elasticity and Skin Tone
Stimulates Collagen for Smoothness

Elasti New ® has been developed specifically to preserve the elastic capital of the skin, and thus prevent skins slackening, as well as the appearance of striae (stretch marks), scars, and wrinkles.
  • ElastiNew® is an identified protein fraction from Cucurbita Pepo, and combats striae, expression lines, and the appearance of scarring
By limiting the enzymatic degradation of skin fibers.
  • ElastiNew® inhibits the expression of MMP-1 and MMP-2, proteases involved in the degredation of elastic and collagen tissues of the skin.
  • ElastiNew® thus limits the irreversible degredation of elastic tissue by reducing the synthesis of an enzyme with high elastolytic activity: cathepsin L.
By favoring the reorganization of the fibril network.
  • ElastiNew® improves the architectural arrangement of the network of elastic and collagen fibers by boosting synthesis of Callgen I, the major component of the dermis, between which elastic fibers are interwoven.
  • ElastiNew® stimulates the synthesis of fibrillin, a molecule involved in the formation of elastic tissue.
General Information.
INCI Name: Cucurbita Pepo Extract
Latin Name: Cucurbita Pepo
  • Non-irritating, as evidenced by evaluation of skin safety on humans
  • Not animal tested
  • No mutagenicity according to the Ames test
  • No phototoxicity
  • No cytotoxicity
  • Non-allergenic in search for contact eczema
Elasti New® In-vivo Studies
Studies on skin with striae and acne scarring were performed on 33 female volunteers, mean age 37 +2 years, for 42 days and 22 of the volunteers for 84 days.

Smoothing Microrelief.
  • Observation by profilometry and image analysis: Elasti New® reduces the differences in microrelief between striae and non-striae zones. After 84 days of twice daily application and in comparison to placebo, Elasti New® significantly reduced the variation of mean roughness between striae and non-striae zones (14%, P=0.016). The distribution of the results showed that 76% of the volunteers presented this decrease.

Biomechanical Properties.
Cutometer measurements:
  • Elasti New® restores elasticity, tone, biological deformation and the capacity of skin with striae to return to its initial state. Elasti New® significantly reduces the variations of biomechanical parameters observed after 84 days of twice daily treatment between striae and non-striae zones treated with Elasti New® compared to striae and non-striae zones treated with placebo.
Elasti New® In-vitro Studies
Studies conducted on normal human fibroblasts and human fibroblasts from striae.
Protection of the fibril network of the ECM.
  • The following studies have determined the capacity of Elasti New® at 2% to limit the activity of enzymes involved in the degredation of elastin and collagen fibers: cathepsin L, MMP-1 and MMP-2 by up to 99%.
Protection of elastin fibers.
  • Effect of the synthesis of cathepsin L- Western blot method. Tested at 2%, Elasti New® reduces the synthesis of cathepsin L in fibroblasts from striae and returns its level to that comparable to normal human fibroblasts significantly.
Elasti New® reduced the sythesis of cathepsin L by 86% in Fibroblasts with striae treated with 2% Elasti New® as compared to those untreated.

Protection of collagen fibers.
  • Effect on the synthesis of MMP-1 . Western blot method.
  • Tested at 2% on fibroblasts from striae, Elasti New® returns its level to that comparable to normal human fibroblasts significantly.
Elasti New® Summary & Uses
Elasti New® is an anti-striae, anti-wrinkle, and anti-scarring active ingredient that preserves the eleastic capital of the skin.
We all know how unsightly striae, or stretch marks, as well as scarring such as that seen in acne can be. These issues result from a rupture of skin tissue due to the degredation of the network of collagen and elastin fibers. As the metabolic activity of these fibroblasts is altered, the fibril network is no longer renewed. In order to improve skin resistance to and limit the appearance of these ruptures, and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, we propose Elasti New® an active ingredient that protects and repairs elastic and collagen tissue. The defined protein of Cucurbita Pepo enables Elasti New® to re-establish fibroblast homeostasis.

  • Reduces synthesis of Cathepsin L by 86%
  • Reduces synthesis of MMP-1 by 99%
  • Reduces synthesis of MMP-2 by 69%
  • Increases Collagen I synthesis by 62%
  • Restores synthesis of Fibrillin to normal levels
  • Improves elasticity by 11%
  • Improves tone by 26%
  • Reduces biological deformation by 15%
  • Produces an overall return to intial state +30%
  • Reduces the total wrinkled surface of skin by 39%