Mass-produced cologne versus natural cologne: how can you choose?

These days, health-savvy consumers are questioning their skincare ingredients. After years of headaches, rashes, and exposure to toxic chemicals, consumers are now making the commitment to seek out healthy alternatives. We are often asked by our customers what the differences are between traditional unhealthy colognes and perfumes and their healthy, natural counterparts.


As part of our commitment to answering this consumer question, Dancing Dingo proudly became a founding member and “Champion Company” listed with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics: Dancing Dingo was one of the 322 cosmetics company “Champions” who met the Safe Cosmetics goals: to eliminate chemicals of concern, and practice a higher level of ingredient transparency to protect the health of consumers. Dingo is also Leaping Bunny and PETA approved, as well as having been voted a Texas Top 30 Eco-Friendly Company*.


As a result of these associations, all of Dancing Dingo’s cologne and perfume ingredients are fully disclosed on our website, as well as listed in full on the Skin Deep Database. All of our colognes and perfumes are free of the harmful toxins and chemicals found in mass-produced fragrances. For example, chemicals and toxins such as diethyl phthalate; a chemical found in 97 percent of Americans and linked to sperm damage in human epidemiological studies, and musk ketone, which concentrates in human fat tissue and breast milk.Based on consumer demands for safe products, all-natural colognes and perfumes, for both men and women, are relatively new to the market. Despite being newcomers to the scene, they have in a short time become a much more intelligent choice for your skin over their widely available chemical-laden counterparts.


Kathy Cumberland, President and CEO of Dancing Dingo, shared some insights about the creation of our natural scents. “Most commercial perfumes and colognes are built around very high amounts of synthetic aroma chemicals which can be toxic and therefore harmful to both our bodies and the environment. My goal was to create scents that enhanced and worked with our bodies natural chemistry. Trough the amazing properties of pure essential oils, we created perfumes and colognes that are very diverse in scent and work synergistically with our bodies to create different moods, feelings and experiences. Since an individual’s body chemistry responds differently to each essential oil, you can blend separate perfumes to create a scent that is completely and uniquely yours.”


The bottom line is simple: the choice is ultimately yours. If you are ready to have happy, healthy skincare and fragrances, give us a try. We feel sure that once you try us, Dancing Dingo will become your skin's best friend!

* ENVY Magazine