Indulge Yourself

Pamper Yourself!Indulge your skin with healing plants and minerals!

Pamper Yourself Naturally with Dancing Dingo!
  • Draw a warm bath adding a Dancing Dingo Aromatic Massage Oil to the running water. Use Rosemary & Lavender oil to relax, Geranium & Orange to stimulate your senses, or Ginger & Juniper for deep, warming relaxation. Listen to a favorite CD, light a softly scented candle, and soak your cares away.
  • When thoroughly relaxed and out of the tub, add a few drops of Massage Oil to damp skin and smooth on for added aromatherapy benefits and soft skin.
  • Pull your hair back with a headband while you concentrate next on your face.
  • Splash face with warm water and pat dry.
  • Apply a facial mask specifically formulated for your skin’s needs. If you don’t have one, try mixing 1/2 mashed up banana with 2 tbs. honey, leaving the mixture on your face for ten to twenty minutes. While waiting listen to music, read a magazine, or just close your eyes and relax.
  • Rinse face using cool water. Pat dry. Wash lightly with a Botanical Cleanser specifically suited for your skin type.