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Dear Dingo,

I just had to write you again to tell you how grateful I am for your lotions! I had some projects that left my hands dry and cracking past any point I had experienced previously. I had run out of your lotion and had to wait to order more. I had been using up a bottle of another lotion we were given with almost no relief from my cracking hands. I got to see just how much healing your lotion is capable of ;) within a few days of regularly applying (just the body lotion) my hands are almost back to normal. It's amazing. Thank you again for the products you make. I am so happy to have found your company.

Sarah, United States

I have been enjoying the Dancing Dingo Protective Moisture Cream (with Argan Oil) since the weather has become chiller and my face leans towards being more delicate and thirsty. I adore this lush and sumptuous face cream! It is formulated to address the defined needs of skin that is parched and sensitive. It slips on smoothly and penetrates completely. I can apply my foundation right after and it does not slide or move at all. Gratefully this wonderful beauty product is free of waxes, parabens, formaldehyde donors and artificial colors.

Shannon Buck, smartgirlreviews.com

I have always been a huge Sandalwood fan, but it can be pretty pricey to purchase and bottle for home use, so I always rely on a “master” to do the mixing for me. I didn’t go wrong with choosing the Sandalwood Vanilla Coconut Kukui Skin Conditioning Spray. The scent is simply stunning. I promise it will stop any man in their tracks. And the oil itself is so moisturizing but because they use fractionated coconut oil, it is light, and almost a dry oil. Not greasy. I pair this with my Cocoa and Shea Hand and Body Lotion, in Sandalwood Vanilla, and smell fresh all day!  I only use the Coconut & Kukui Oil in my driest spots, elbows, ankles, feet and back, so it promises to last me a long time! The ingredients? Fractionated Coconut oil and Kukui oil, that is it!

I am so glad I have two products that have the gorgeous Sandalwood Vanilla Scent, because there are times with an oil spray doesn’t work. And that is when their Cocoa & Shea Hand and Body Lotion comes in “handy.” I love to keep this by the bed, so I can rub it into my hands and feet before bed. Although the lotion can take dry skin out, it isn’t greasy, and tends to sink it rather quickly, so it would be great for those of us that type all day!

Karissa Gindling, PrissyGreen.com

After finding out what is in most perfume these days I decided to clean out my cabinet and purchase new perfumes that are over all better. I decided to try Dancing Dingo because they offer sample sizes for $5/bottle. On their website it states if there is a product you are interested in let them know at the checkout and they will include it with your order. They were kind enough to send me more than I purchased! I bought 2 perfumes and they sent all 3 of the other perfumes I wanted to try! All together I tried (Adore, Lush Blossom, Love Potion No12, Night Violet, and Whisper.

Firstly, I expected cheap plastic bottles considering I paid only $5 for each sample size. They are actually little glass vials! It seems strange to be excited about this feature but I feel like they aren't cheap. They give you a generous amount and the perfumes are strong so you don't need a lot at once. The samples should last you a bit of time! Shipping is very fair priced. I think I paid $3 for shipping! The order took about 1 week to prepare and ship to my home; can't complain! Their company logo is a cute little doggy dancing in a tutu. Being a dog lover I thought that was adorable! The perfumes are also vegan and cruelty free which is a huge deal to me. They also have low hazard rating on EWG Skin Deep.

Natallia @ http://natalliastile.blogspot.com

Dear Dancing Dingo...

I ordered several of your products (Monoi de Tahiti Oil and Coco & Shea Butter lotions). The Monoi de Tahiti Oil, I fell in love with this product! It smells heavenly! The instruction said use it for pre-shampoo but I did not. After shampoo/conditioner, leave-in condition, blow dry, and then Monoi de Tahiti Oil (rub it on the hand so that it melts quick) put on my hair scalp helps to reduce the itchy. Also, I put it on my hair makes my hair soft, moisture, and less dry/limp. I smell it for a whole week! It does NOT fade. No greasy. No heavy. I smell it all day/night! My husband likes this product. It does not overpower. I use it one time after blow dry every weekend. Love it! I look forward to ordering more of this product.

The Coco & Shea Butter lotions smell good! I ordered the sample of grapefruit and two full size of lemon verbena and summer fruit. It does not irritate my skin for about a week. My skin does not dry, the hydrate stays on my skin all day/night. My daughter likes the grapefruit lotion. I look forward to ordering more!

Toinina, Virginia.

Dear Dingo,
There are so many of your products that I am in love with! The product I'm most recently impressed with is the Botanical Oil-Free Moisturizer. I have combination skin leaning towards oily and have had such a hard time finding a natural moisturizer that isn't too heavy. Not only does this create the perfect amount of moisture, but my skin looks so much more radiant! I pair that with the exfoliating scrub and can't believe how many less breakout's I've had just within the last two months. I also have to say that the Cocoa and Shea Body Lotion is a staple in our house. It has done the most repair on our dry winter skin yet has proved to be wonderful for summer as well. With a range of very sensitive to oily skin in our house it's amazing it works beautifully for everyone. The scents are just amazing as well. There are just so many wonderful things and we've loved everything we've tried. We are definitely long-term customers. Thank you!

Sarah, IN

I ordered several of your products for last minute Christmas gifts last week. The items were shipped the same day I ordered them, and arrived here in Illinois on Christmas Eve. Phew! I was thrilled! Not only were the items packaged really well, but they smelled terrific too. I bought some small cologne sprays for my twin 6 year old sons, who want to emulate their father. They were so excited to get their own cologne in the their stockings Christmas morning, and I felt good giving them products that were natural and wouldn't harm their delicate skin.

I'm so excited about your products that I am telling all of my friends and family. I will place another order soon, and plan to keep it for myself this time! :) A new, and loyal, customer.

Jenni, IL, USA

Please send another coupon to your faithful customer! I am an evangelist for Dingo ;) Thanks!

Caroline, Woodstock, GA, USA

I’ve searched every product available for help controlling my oily skin. Using an oil to combat it just seemed so counter-intuitive. Guess what, it actually works! No greasiness and no hourly retouching needed. I can’t sing the praises of Argan oil well enough! Remember, a little goes a long way so don’t overdo it, this bottle will last for a long time.

Holly P., Virginia, USA

There is something special about Argan oil – it seems to make my other products work better when I use it pre-makeup as a base moisturizer. I have also gained a luminous complexion after only a couple weeks of use.

Sheila, Texas, USA

I have to compliment Dancing Dingo on this product [Boanical Lavender Lip & Body Treatment]. I use it at bedtime to combat chapped, dry, split lips and it is amazing! Unlike other lip balms I have tried, it last all night long, still creamy and soothing on my lips after 8 hrs. of sleep. I wear it during the day, but eating, drinking etc. make it last for a couple of hrs. which is still wonderful. My lips have never felt better. I will continue to buy this product as long as you make it. It’s also wonderful for soothing little cuts and scratches, even little chapped spots on your skin. All around a great product!

Kristen, Ft. Collins, CO

I really love the Cocoa and Shea Lotion. It has cured my hang nails, and my cuticles have never been smoother. I really like using it on my legs, the shea butter gives them a healthy shine and now my legs look great without stockings. I am thrilled with this lotion, and love the Frankincense & Myrrh scent, it is so rich and earthy, Lavender Patchouli places a very strong second! I can't live without the Chai Tea in the After Bath Oil, it is a nice scent for these cooler evenings and if you use the After Bath and the Shea and Cocoa lotion the scent lasts forever.

Madeline, Vermont

I have used your Dog-defunkifier Shampoo in the Doggie Down Under scent for almost a year now. I have 2 black labs that like to swim in our pond, and get into everything. The shampoo leaves their coats shiny and they smell awesome. I use the French Lavender Doggie Cologne on my female and she is a joy to be around (until she hits the pond again!). Thank you for helping me keep my dogs healthy and looking good. The Doggie Down Under scent is all I will use from now on.

Marla, Houston, TX

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE everything in my order. The souffle is superbly moisturizing, as is the after bath oil. I love them both! I am also amazed by the lip balm. It is so incredible. I put it on at night, and in the morning, it's still on!! Yet, it's so light too! I adore it.

Jillian, CT

I ordered a bunch of your samples a few weeks ago and am extremely impressed with everything! When the samples were gone and it was time to switch back to my "normal" products I HAD to re-order as soon as possible!! The new face scrub and face wash have helped my breakouts, and hopefully the Lavender & Carrot Nourishing Facial Oil will get rid of them.

Gena, PA

I consider the best beauty secret in these financially hard times to be Dancing Dingo's Shea & Sugar Scrub! I was given some as a gift and thought I would give it a go on my face which is prone to clogged pores, and on my dècolletage area. My face has always been really sensitive to the products and scrubs I have used in the past, but I'm so pleased to say that not only does the scrub completely clear my clogged pores, the essential oils leave my skin so soft, even without moisturizer, which has never been the case before!

I'm ecstatic that I can now use the Shea & Sugar Scrub easily in the shower instead of paying $100 for similar results at my beauty therapist. In fact, my beauty therapist herself commented the other day how clear my skin was. That's confirmation enough for me that I'm using the right product!

My skin feels younger, cleaner and more refreshed, and I'm so happy that something so affordable and naturally good for my skin works so effortlessly and actually does the job first time, every time!

R M Chegwyn, Sydney, Australia

Love your newsletter and the discount code you provide, always reminds me to re-order. Very satisfied with the baby butter, thank you for making a great, safe product. I'm gonna give the baby massage oil a try this time.

V. S., Freemont, CA

I have very sensitive skin so I cannot tolerate any perfumes or chemicals. I tried Dancing Dingo products by chance, and now I can't stop using them. Dancing Dingo Soap is the best and cleanest line out there. This is the best skin care on earth! The texture of soap is very light, and it rinses clean, without leaving any "soapy" feel. It also leaves you skin feeling very soft. I think it is very good for normal or dry skins. Amazing moisturing skin product.


Just wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you how surprised I was when the mailwoman delivered my order today. I am so happy that the shipping times have dramatically improved.

I also want to comment on the "Summer Fruit" scent. This scent is very light and lovely. It is destined to become my #2 favorite (Fresh Cucumber still wins my #1 spot for favorite scent so I hope it will eventually make a come-back).

I'm gradually converting other family members over to your Dancing Dingo products. My mother-in-law was raving about the lotion that I recently gave her for her birthday. She had just run out of a bottle of lotion that I gave to her last summer. She too commented on how it is helping not only her skin but her fingernails. We are expecting the arrival of our first grandchild in June so I'm going to promote your baby products in the coming months. Keep up the great work!


I'm writing to say how impressed I am with your men's colognes. At the time of purchasing, I was a little concerned that the natural formulas would lack the sophistication of popular, commercial colognes. But because I have been long-committed to products with sound ingredients, I was mostly thankful to find a company willing to create TRULY natural colognes. And now having tried them, I am pleased to say that my concerns were completely unfounded. All 4 types that I purchased are plenty sophisticated and masculine, are well suited for different occasions, and my girlfriend absolutely loves them. Well done. Obviously I'll continue supporting Dancing Dingo in the future.

Mike G.

I had to write to tell you how wonderful I think your Cocoa and Shea Hand & Body Lotion is. I bought two bottles in July and gave one to a relative as a gift. Then I bought two bottles last week (different scents). This is the first time in about 3 years that my fingernails have actually grown past the end of my fingers and not snapped due to brittleness. Believe me, I slather lotion on all the time and do not use harsh chemicals but still have had problems. However, since I've been using your lotion, my brittle nail problem has disappeared along with all of my dry skin issues. Thanks!

Camille P., Maple Grove, MN

I love my Dancing Dingo Products! They are my little piece of Heaven when I want to treat myself!

Doris Edwards, Canada

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks -- I placed an order a while ago and am really liking your products. Thank you for making a grapefruit scent that actually smells like grapefruit!

Megan M., CA

...your products are wonderful. I'm especially excited about my Coconut Lime Verbena Shea Butter. It smells so nice, I want to eat it!

Chelsea B., WA

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I recently received these products in the mail, and can say that I have finally found two great products to help my daughter's itching from eczema. She has severe eczema all over her body, and we have been looking for a non-toxic cream that is absorbent and also stays moist, preventing her itchiness.

Colleen, Toronto

I got all the new stuff and I love it. The oil spray is fabulous. It wouldn't be a product I would normally buy, but now that I've tried it I think I'm hooked. The hand cream in combination with the oil and lotion seems to be working for the girls' really dry patches. Thanks for the recommendation. The new soap scents are wonderful too...I especially loved the spearmint eucalyptus.

Mandy K., SD

...thank you for the samples you gave me with my Christmas order! It was a few weeks after New Years, the weather was cold and dry so my hands were sore and cracking. I looked in my cabinet and spyed the samples, so I opened one and rubbed it into my hands -- wow! What a difference your creams are from the miriad of other creams and lotions I have! They leave my skin so smooth and soft, but not sticky. I will buy your products again!

Katy P.

I love your Coconut Lime Verbena soy candles. I use a candle warmer and the scent is everywhere. I also have a Frankincense & Myrrh one I love for when I entertain - it is very sultry and spicy. I like soy candles because they don't have as much soot as regular candles and they are not petroleum based. They burn longer, smell strong and scent the house perfectly. I wish you had more scents!

JDC, Austin, TX

You have excellent scents that are aromatic without being pungent. Great feeling soaps and lotions. Excellent customer service, and super deals!

Frank N., Baton Rouge, LA

I have a 1 yr. old son with dry skin and have been using Dancing Dingo's Dingo Baby Lavender Lotion since having it approved by my Pediatrician. It has helped immensely with his little patches of dry skin, as well as keeping the rest of him in baby-soft bliss. I also like Dingo Baby Face Shea stick for his little lips and hands, and I use it on the little scratches and scrapes he has received learning how to walk! Ok, I also keep a tube in my purse for me, it's great for mom's skin too! Oh, I also use your shea butter foot cream with Tea-tree and LOVE IT! Soft sandal ready feet are always a good thing!

Jane W., Austin, TX

I love your soap! It has a lot of fragrance and leaves my hands feeling so soft. There are so many fragrances to choose from. Not only do they smell great but they are pretty to look at as well. Perfect for gifts or just to put out in the guest bathroom.

jackie G., Baton Rouge, LA

I first noticed your products on the Skin Deep database. Since trying them I have discovered how wonderful they are! I love the way your soap makes my skin feel, and when I use the Coconut Kukui oil after a bath I stay soft all day. Don't get me started on your Shea Butter Foot Cream, I love the tea-tree essential oil in there!

Terri (Royal Oak, Michigan)

Dingo Baby's Moisturizing Shea Stick is the most wonderful product to have around. It's perfect for the tiny patches of eczema my son has, as well as his little chapped cheeks in the winter. I noticed that after a week of using it my son's scratching stopped. I even used it on his cradle cap. I carry it in my purse so it's always with me; I use it on my hands, too. We both love it!

Joy (Austin, TX)

Thank you for eliminating synthetic preservatives in all your products and concentrating on organic and paraben-free ingredients! I am all for organics for my family!

Alyssa (Seattle, WA)

Your products are amazing, I love the Sandalwood Vanilla scent, warm and wonderful!

Patricia (Virginia Beach, VA)

I have been using your products for over 2 yrs. now. My dog loves your bar shampoo and I love the way it makes his coat shiny. Thanks for becoming a member of PETA, I love you even more for that!

Lola (Dayton, OH)

I am an avid buyer of many of your Dancing Dingo products. I consider your products to be the safest and most natural products I can purchase for my family's delicate skin. I especially enjoy your lotions and bath essentials.

Shirley C. (Springboro, OH)

...by the way, your products are wonderful. I gave a friend of mine the Lavender, and she said it was the best she had ever used, and she use to own her own shop and make her own soaps! I originally ordered from your site because of Margaret (the Dingo). I had a blue heeler just like her, rest her soul, but she was a little too fat to dance although she did have great balance. I had to try it and I'm so glad I did! Thank you for such amazing products, I'm hooked.

K.G. (Granite City, IL)

I love ordering your soaps and feel like I hit the lottery when your package arrives. Once opened, my whole house smells great! The addition of shea butter in your soaps keep my skin feeling smooth and soft. AND I love the little sachet you include with your orders, I keep them in my drawers and my clothes smell like fields of fragrant lavender! Thanks for treating me like a princess!

Erika (Austin, TX)

I just wanted to let you know that your dog de-funkifier spray does a great job on keeping my dogs AND my home smelling nice. The dogs like it, too! Our black lab rolls all over on her back after we spray it on her.

Holly (Lockhart, Texas)

Your Cocoa & Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion is amazing! I love the way my chapped hands feel after I put it on, and the red winter rash is gone! I also like the way it makes my legs shine!! I also tried the Shea Butter Foot lotion with tea tree and must tell you that my heels have never been softer. I love the light smell of the tea tree and lavender. It's a wonderful product. Thanks for the natural alternative to harsh chemicals, now I feel better about the products I am using and seeing results as well. Thanks for the great products!

Jenna (Houston, Texas)

I just had to write and tell you how wonderful your products are. I always seem to have chapped lips and the Shea Lip Balm (Sweet Orange Peppermint) quickly cured that. The Cocoa & Shea Butter body lotions have turned my dry skin into soft and subtle. My husband (who normally smells nothing other than food) loved the French Lavender aroma. I'm keeping the small lotions right by the kitchen sink and use them often. I have the worst wedding ring rash (No, not the Seven Year Itch) and the lotion is helping it to heal. Your products are great!!

Tish (Virginia)

I have always had dry cracked heels, and started using your Shea Butter Foot Cream a short while ago. I just recently went back to my foot doctor, and he asked me what I had been using telling me my feet looked great. I told him about your Shea Foot Cream and he told me to keep up the good work. Thanks Dingo!

Harriet (Austin, TX)

I got your package Thursday and my family loved the hand cream! I have tried so many hand creams and yours is the best by far! Thanks.

Rae Ann (Centerville, OH)