Gemstone Infusions Skin Care

Gemstone infused skincare, an ancient practice for contemporary people. Seemingly magical yet containing a scientifically-backed role in skincare. Because just like vitamins, our bodies need minerals.

Everything in our environment has an electromagnetic field, everything also has a vibration. All things in our world are infinitely vibrating and oscillating energy! Crystal gemstones/minerals offer electromagnetic energy that can support our health and well-being, Here's another way to say it that involves a hip new word: piezoelectricity. Think of piezoelectricity this way - there are crystalline aspects to our DNA and proteins. Gemstone crystals have a naturally high vibrational energy and are drawn towards weaker skin cells. When you put them in your skincare, these energies stabilize cells, transmitting these higher vibrations to transform your skin.

Simply put, piezoelectricity is the electrical charge in our DNA, our bones and (ta-da!) crystal gemstones. It is caused by their internal forces, such as particles, exerting stress on one another as they vibrate. As stress is exerted, the particles produce their electrical charge. This is how the electromagnetic energy from gemstone crystals transmits to balance and energize our skin.

Our world is amazing!