Mary Margaret


It was a cold winter day in 2002, when a small bundle of dog appeared on the front porch looking for a family. At first she hid in the bushes hungry and cold, and was finally coaxed out with a piece of turkey left over from Christmas dinner. She was cautious but hungry, and eventually came into the house where she was surrounded by four loving dogs who welcomed her into the pack.

She was hugged and cuddled in warm blankets, but when she smelled more food, began to hop around on her hind legs dancing in circles. After seeing her happier dancing on her hind legs than walking on all fours, she officially became Margaret the Dancing Dingo! A few days later (after New Year's Eve 2003) her mom, Kathy, was looking for a name for her fledgling natural body care company. While trying to come up with the perfect name that had significant meaning, Margaret came dancing into the room on hind legs. She danced in circles, smiling with her sparkling eyes (as she always did) and the company name was born!

Margaret was a most amazing dog and will forever live in our hearts and our name, Dancing Dingo!