Dingo Baby Massage Tips

Dingo Baby Massage Tips from DANCING DINGO

1. Start massage with baby’s feet since massaging the feet is very relaxing. Use firm yet gentle and slow strokes.

Baby Massage

2. Gradually move up baby’s calf to the thigh and then across the hips and back.

Baby Massage

3a. Put both hands on baby’s shoulders and gently stroke from the shoulders towards the middle of the chest.

Baby Massage

3b. You could also start at baby’s shoulders and massage down the arms, gently massaging palms of hands and individual fingers.

Baby Massage

4. Tummy massage strokes should go in circles, clockwise as you look at the baby’s tummy (only massage tummy if it is soft and baby is not unsettled or fidgety).

TIP: When massaging the tummy think of it as a clock and start the massage at 5:00 and gently move clockwise down to 6:00 and then up to 12:00 and back down to 5:00

Baby Massage

5. Use small circular motions across the forehead and lightly on the cheeks. When massaging the face gently use your finger tips.

Baby Massage

6. End the massage by massaging baby’s feet. If baby is relaxed and enjoying the touch, turn baby onto their tummy and keep massaging!

Baby Massage

  • Studies have shown babies greatly benefit from the gentle touch of massage
  • Choose a time when you will not be interrupted, and at least 30 minutes after baby has eaten
  • Make sure baby is in a relaxed, happy mood since it is not a good idea to massage baby if upset

What you will need:

· Massage oil

· A warm room, take care to avoid any drafts

· Soothing music is nice but not a necessity

· Towel to put under baby so oil doesn’t transfer to furniture

· Make sure to remove any jewelry that may scratch baby’s skin

Enjoy this wonderful bonding time with your baby!

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Dingo Baby Massage Tips by Dancing Dingo