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Moroccan Rose Natural Perfume alcohol free with Moroccan Rose absolute essential oil Dark Vanilla natural alcohol free perfume with sensuous madagascar vanilla essential oil
Jasmine Absolute Natural Perfume alcohol free made with lush floral essential oils of jasmine ylang vanilla and lavender
Soul Flower Perfume

CocoaFusion is unexpected and magical, a scent of irresistible seduction. Unique notes of rich cocoa, lavish vanilla, exotic ylang ylang, and ripe citrus blended to tease the senses. White Lotus Rose - a subtle heart of Lotus Blossom melds beautifully with the feminine strength of Damascus Rose and Rose Otto in this delicious floral fragrance.
Coriander & Ginger Natural Perfume alcohol free - exotic, spicy, deep, warm, with pepper adding a perfect touch of intrigue Spiced Bourbon Vanilla Natural Perfume alcohol free. lovely citrus top notes,  middle notes of Geranium Bourbon, Rosewood and Bourbon Vanilla Co2
Jungle Love is a uplifting feminine blend with exotic notes of African Rose Geranium, fresh green Leaf Orange, soft Lavender and Chamomile flowers, juicy Grapefruit and warm, woody Cedar. Frankincense & Myrrh Perfume Oil for Men
Violette Natural Perfume A deep and sultry scent with hints of floral and greens. Notes of Violet, Cognac and Ylang Ylang envelope you in an opulent feel,  Jasmine, Neroli and Hibiscus add a lush hint of floral. Ave Maria Natural Perfume alcohol free with Rose absolute and essential oils
Natural alcohol free botanical spray cologne made with pure essential oils