NEW! Life Blends Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Perfectly packaged for your purse, pocket or desk drawer, Life Blends Essential Oil Roll-Ons were designed with pure botanical essential oils in a base of nurturing Jojoba.  Each blend was formulated to support you throughout the day whatever moment you happen to be in.

Apply a bit of oil to the palm of your hand, wrists or neck and inhale deeply to experience the true power of aromatherapy. Each blend is a great introduction to Aromatherapy and can be used by the entire family.

Try one today and experience the power of nature in the palm of your hand!     Now on SALE!  $12


Marula Oil Intense Hydration Cream


Our new super luxurious anti-aging face & body cream provides long lasting hydration. Even the driest skin is restored and re-energized with amazing Marula oil!



Rose Hydration + Collection

Our New Moisture Rich Line of Skincare Products

Rich in Hyaluronic and Gamma Linoliec Acid - proven to be highly effective in attaining and maintaining healthy skin!

Rose Hydration+ G.L.A. Serum

AHA + Rose Refining Toner

Rose Hydration+ G.L.A. Super Moisturizer

Vitamin C+Skincare 

Our New Skincare Line - Highly Concentrated in Vitamin C+ E.

Available in:

Vitamin C+ CoQ10 Brightening Serum

Vitamin C+E AHA Toner

Vitamin C+E anti-OXIDANT Defend+ Restore Moisturizer


Detox Active Charcoal Mask


Purifies skin to remove harmful pollutants from deep inside. Activated charcoal removes up to 200 times its weight to purge impurities like dirt, oil and bacteria.

Born in Austin, TX in 2003, Dancing Dingo Skincare offers products with ingredients you & your family can feel safe using.

We believe that naturally good-for-your-body products make naturally happy, healthy people!

Skincare, Perfumes & Aromatherapy

100% Naturally Safe 


Cruelty & chemical-free for happy healthy skin.

See what we’re made of & give your skin the gift of nature.

Perfumes & Colognes

Natural Perfumes & Colognes specifically chosen

to inspire and rejuvenate the spirit.

Hand crafted using pure essential oils & botanicals.

Customer Testimonials


"After two days I noticed an improvement in my skin. I was surprised at how smooth it felt, as well as the texture feeling more even, less rough. It has been almost 2 weeks now and the difference is quite noticeable. My female coworkers even noticed a difference! I just ordered the Vitamin C toner to add to the serum and moisturizer, I will leave a review soon. I definitely recommend this product. I am 56, fair skin wit a bit of sun damage. Wrinkles are not intense but definitely there. All is improved!"

Kat L, Knoxville TN USA


"Amazing Marula oil makes this cream perfect for my overly dry skin. I discovered Marula oil a couple years ago and it's now one of my most valued beauty items. I use it on my face around my eyes mostly, and it's really effective for fine lines. I have used this particular cream on my face lately and find it really helps the fine lines around my mouth and the annoying crows feet I am beginning to get due to dry winter air in my house. My arms and hands are so dry and this cream adds just the right amount of lush oil to keep my scratchy dry arms from flaking away! Definitely a new ritual cream for me!"

Renee, USA


"I have purchased many of the colognes listed as "men's," but believe most are appropriate for anyone. I currently have a great selection, purchasing many of the sample sizes to find out what I might like, and then buy the larger sizes and lotion. I have also purchased many as gifts for others, and they like them, too. The first scent that got me hooked years back was Sandalwood Vanilla, still probably my top choice, closely followed by Chai Tea and Tranquility. Really there is not a bad scent available from the ones I have sampled. Great stuff."

Mimi R, PA USA

Products recommended by our staff & customers for their consistent delivery of excellent results

Violette Natural Perfume A deep and sultry scent with hints of floral and greens. Notes of Violet, Cognac and Ylang Ylang envelope you in an opulent feel,  Jasmine, Neroli and Hibiscus add a lush hint of floral. Perfume body mist alcohol free made with pure essential oils long lasting scents Muscle relaxing therapeutic massage body oil made with avocado and shea oils and essential oils to ease muscle pain


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