Perfectly packaged for your purse, pocket or desk drawer, Life Blends Essential Oil Roll-On's were designed with pure botanical essential oils in a base of nurturing Jojoba. Each blend was formulated to support you throughout the day whatever moment you're in.

Apply a bit of oil to the palm of your hand, wrists or neck and inhale deeply to experience the true power of aromatherapy. Each blend is a great introduction to Aromatherapy and can be used by the entire family.

Try one today and experience the power of nature in the palm of your hand!



Since 2003 Dancing Dingo offers products with ingredients you & your family can feel safe using.

We believe that naturally good-for-your-body products make naturally happy, healthy people!

Coconut Milk Body Polish Botanical Natural Men's Cologne with pure essential oils Dancing Dingo Violette Natural Perfume
Coconut Milk Body Polish
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