Born in Austin, TX in 2003, Dancing Dingo Skincare offers products with ingredients you & your family can feel safe using.

We believe that naturally good-for-your-body products make naturally happy, healthy people!

Skincare, Perfumes & Aromatherapy

100% Naturally Safe 


Cruelty & chemical-free for happy healthy skin.

See what we’re made of & give your skin the gift of nature.

Perfumes & Colognes

Natural Perfumes & Colognes specifically chosen

to inspire and rejuvenate the spirit.

Hand crafted using pure essential oils & botanicals

Customer Testimonials

"I use this several times a day. I have had so much cooking to do for Thanksgiving and now Christmas. Thankfully my hands feel great and look great because of your wonderful cream."

Sharon B, IL USA

"Nice feel and scent. My dry skin was relieved right away. I also use the Angelico on my face which I really like. The beard oil makes my beard look shiny which is cool. Helped the strays stay in place."

Mike, FL USA

Great men's cologne, alcohol free and lasts for hours. Men's roll on colognes with oils and essential oils are nice to. Feels good to go natural with such a cool product. Like the name. Great job dingo!00s.

Sean S., TX USA

Products recommended by our staff & customers for their consistent delivery of excellent results

HAPPY HOUSE BLEND - Essential Oil Dancing Dingo Shea and Cocoa Butter Vitamin E Body Lotion


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